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Utube Followup: They monetized their website (Like I said they should)

Utube New Monetization System

Breaking news, Utube has succumbed to the better option (ie: my advice) and monetized their website with a search bar at the top of their homepage. Now you can get instant access to all the wonderful world of poker / dating & xtreme travel.

At least utube have chosen a smart, professional looking & unobtrusive option without losing too much integrity. The search bar only appears on the homepage & search pages. The only problem with this approach is that it appears this type of monetization doesn’t quite cash in on the video traffic they will be recieving. Thereare no video links or other various other video-targeted strategies I would have imagined. For example, if we were searching for a video of the latest internet hype, Chaccaron, the netflix results return a terrible no results page instead of something that may direct me to a video site, any video site. The only other results I get from searching with utube are Poker ads, which are like the scourge of the internet (even if they do pay well).

I think utube has succeeded in the look & feel of their monetizing efforts, but the execution will leave a lot to be desired. At the end of the day if they leave it like this, they wont make nearly as much money as I predicted they could.

La Chomba – Chacarron

The video of the one and only La Chomba doing the Chaccaron. It’s simply amazing to finally see people with true musical talent realising their full potential. We can only hope to see more from Da Chomba Man himself in the future.

(YouTube Video)

PS: I don’t know much about this guy but I think he also goes under the guise of andy’s val gourmet – chacarron macarron.

PSS: Does anyone have the lyrics for this? I’be been searching high and low!

UTube, YouTube & Missed Opportunities

It has come to my attention the company who owns is sueing YouTube!

From here via drmike:

YouTube is being sued by an industrial equipment maker whose domain name is Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment said it has been deluged by confused video searchers causing numerous crashes of its site and costing it business. The company’s site once drew a steady 1,500 unique users monthly, Utube said, but that figure has soared to some 2 million per month in recent weeks.

This almost makes me extremely angry. I honestly dont know what UTube are thinking here. Something tells me they heard Google bought YouTube out for billions of dollars and somehow they saw dollar signs in their own eyes. It’s not hard to see how this could happen, they just don’t know how truly stupid they are – for a number of reasons.

1. Sueing Google for this is… well… Stupid.

Do I really need to explain how big Google is. But it’s not just theie size that’s a worry. Try the fact that they are complete and utter experts in the web AND technology AND law. If you are suing for something like this, I’d almost compare this with trying to sue Russia. No matter how good UTube’s their argument is, Google will get out of this quite easily.

2. Monetising Your Website means money… lots of it.

I don’t think UTube realise how much cash they would make if they did the following 3 simple steps:

  • Moved their corporate website to or something
    (Keep in mind they can still keep their emails on and also even place a banner to redirect existing clients to their new website)
  • Place their website on a domain sponsor page
    or actually develop a small video/media website with ads.
    or even place a one page website with a carefully chose ppc (pay per click) or affiliate program

They could make so much damn money.

For instance…. they are claiming to have 2,000,000 visitors a month. Now lets say they found & utilised a targeted video advertising campaign that gave them 10 cents a click. Keep in mind this is a very very conservative number considering I have basic websites on Google Adsense that can earn up to $1 dollar a click.

Ok now lets just say that conservatively 25% of users clicked through. This all depends on how well the ad is targeted & integrated into the website. I personally believe you could achieve 75% with the right advertising but for now lets say 25%.

Based on the above very conservative calculations, could make $50,000 in the first month. Not to mention traffic could (and WILL) grow, you could (and WILL be able to) find a better affiliate program in time. This is so scalable as well, for instance 50cents/click at 50% click through at the current rate would mean 10 times this amount: $500,000. This is half a million dollars a month if they play their cards right.

Now I don’t know how large this company is, but honestly how important is a website on a particular domain for a TUBING company. I mean c’mon! An extra 6 million dollars/year revenue is nothing to sneeze at. Especially for just being in the right place at the right time. Not to mention I highly doubt they could settle this at court for any amount near the potential yearly income.

Also don’t forget this will solve their problem with bandwidth issues yet they can still have a reputable website & their email addresses need not change.


I think the best way to look at this would be to compare it to having a Fish & Chip shop on a quiet area of town. Then all of a sudden that part of town gets extremely busy & everyone in the town all of a sudden needs Gummi Bears, and you get lots of people coming into the Fish & Chip store asking for Gummi Bears because you now have the best location in town. You have the option to move out of the busy suburb & keep your current store (being able to convert it into a Gummi bear store or at least refer people to a good gummi bear store for kickbacks). What would you do? What… would you do?

Those Funky Finn’s

I wish i was finnish.

What about non-contextual advertising & how to capture bad attention

…and the power of unexpected advertising.

Google makes so much money from “contextual advertising.” This basically means they serve (somewhat) relevant advertisements to users based on what they are searching for or looking at on other websites. This was a good idea at the time of conception and it’s proved to be extremely successful & profitable for Google and a lot of their advertisers.

But, Is “Related Content” enough?

Many have speculated over Google’s ability to make money in the future & if contextual advertising is enough to sustain the company. I often though these concerns weren’t very valid with Google being an 800 pound gorilla who is completely dominating online search & online advertising. I mean lets face it, it’s their cashcow and they don’t have a another similar sized income stream to fall back on.

Enough about Big G though, what about YOU!

I don’t know about you but I quite like stumbling upon things I don’t know existed and various things I would not normally find out about. I mean cmon, that’s what advertising is all about isn’t it?

So lets explore different methods of getting to people. Like setting up a fake youtube user called lonelygirl15 and making random videos and decieving the viewers that it is a real girl out there somewhere… yeah.. right. Interesting example though. It’s a slippery slope when you start tricking your users though.

File Hosting… Advanced

I had a look around today for a place to host my files and ended up coming back to a place I had seen before, So what’s the big deal here? Well let me tell you:

  • These guys have really competitive plans for hosting files.
  • They also have a free account one you can sign up for right now with 1gb of space.
  • They have a load of more nifty features.

The features:

  • Public Sharing:
    For example click here and see a bunch of files I quickly uploaded.
  • RSS Integration:
    When you share things it provides RSS feeds for everything. Imaging integrating that into a website etc, it would be so simple, just a matter of uploading the files.
  • Photo Slideshows:
    Not the strongest feature but you can quickly get a photo slideshow going with minimal fuss.
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff like:
  • Desktop Sync
  • Private Sharing
  • Work Groups
  • Remote Access
  • Mobile Access
  • etc etc etc

Go Sign up for the free one today and tell me it’s not good, please I dare you. I’m going to be using this service a lot more now.

MacBook Pro, In Black

I just found a post on another site in what seems to be italian about a video of the new MacBook Pro in Black which looks really interesting. I’m not sure if this is real but it would be great to see the new MacBooks in a colour other than silver/titanium. I like the whole shiny look and feel of this video but I’m not even sure if it’s real.

On a side note, i found this post browsing the new global tags facility here under the apple tag. This addition is fantastic and will only continue to expand this great blogging service.


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