How’s that for Scalability

WordPress has really proven itself to be one of the most functional, best looking, easy to use and now scalable blogging applications out there. Here on they have superceeded 200,000 blogs.

Some interesting stats they have posted:

In the past 10 days, bloggers have….

  • Created 14,100 blogs
  • Added 30,300 static pages
  • Tagged 188,259 tags on posts
  • Gotten 267,490 comments
  • Written 291,000 posts
  • Have 779,325 feed subscribers
  • Had 6,832,322 pageviews!

That's simply amazing to think that would recieve over 20million hits a month and still manages to handle 200,000 blogs.

Congratulations to Matt & the team for keeping the whole process here easy & painless.

I would reccomend anyone to get a blog here over blogger or any other service.

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