Why I Like WordPress.com

I am a designer. I believe i was born to be creative and I live to create. Here at wordpress.com though, I can actually forget about playing with that theme or tweaking this or that, because… I cant! This gives me more of a chance to focus on actually sitting down and writing out my thoughts. I'm still quite new to blogging but this is my playground and I love it.

Also another thing to keep in mind is the admins here keep everything running smoothly 99% of the time so I don't even have to administrate anything or worry about anything. Not to mention the fact they are really understanding here, they have a really good service, and someday they will let us put some ads on here!

This is just a quick outburst about why I am enjoying my time here and I highly reccomend it. 

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  1. silentseas on

    This is a great point that the lack of design capabilities puts more focus on the writing. Still, I wish there was a BIT more customization available in so many of the themes… I’m running Regulus on my blog and have been enjoying the option for custom header graphics greatly.


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